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Déguisement Homme des Cavernes

Regular price €39.90 -25% Price €29.93

Déguisement Sexy Girafe

Regular price €79.90 -40% Price €47.94

Déguisement Femme des Cavernes

Regular price €39.90 -15% Price €33.92

Costume Super Hydraulique...

Regular price €39.90 -25% Price €29.93
Set Hawaien Multicolores
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Hawaiian Kit

Regular price €7.90 -30% Price €5.53
Including a necklace, a crown and two bracelets.

Long white gloves

Price €7.90
Pair of long white gloves measuring 37 cm. Ideal to complete your Charleston costume, a fifties disguise or to play princesses.

Black wings

Price €14.90
These black feather wings will be the essential accessory to play the fallen angels on the occasion of Halloween! The wings can be worn like a...

Santa gloves

Price €7.50
Pair of red felt and white faux fur gloves. Ideal to complete your Santa Claus costume. One size adult.

Costume Rainbow Neon

Regular price €54.90 -20% Price €43.92

Collier Hawaiien vert néon

Regular price €1.90 -€1.00 Price €0.90

Collier Hawaien Turquoise

Regular price €1.90 -€1.00 Price €0.90

Groovy shirt

Price €29.90
Indispensable for a totally retro look, the ultra colorful satin shirt with patterns. Ideal for carnival, or simply for a 70's evening!...

Collier Hawaien Blanc

Regular price €1.90 -€1.00 Price €0.90

Costume femme Steampunk

Regular price €79.90 -20% Price €63.92

Collier Hawaien Multicolores

Regular price €1.90 -€1.00 Price €0.90

Costume Groovy Dancer

Regular price €79.90 -15% Price €67.92

White gaiters for shoes

Price €9.90
Ideal to complete your gangster or dandy look, these white faux leather gaiters and white buttons will look great with your costume. Maintained...

White tie

Price €7.90
White satin-look tie, ideal for perfecting your disguise by going from Al Capone to a simple business man.
Nunette drapeau Luxembourg
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Nunettes Flag of Luxembourg

Regular price €12.90 -25% Price €9.68
Sunglasses nunettes representing the flag of Luxembourg !

Sailor hat

Price €8.90
Sailor hat, one size adult, with two satin ribbons at the back and "navy" embroidered on the front.

Chapeau haut de forme

Price €9.90
Chapeau haut de forme noir avec ruban en satin.  Un accessoire indispensable pour compléter un look cabaret des années 20 ou charleston.  ©...

Woodstock Headband

Price €7.90
Multicolored embroidered headband with attached feathers and beads. Velcro closure. Ideal to perfect your peace & love outfit! Suitable...

"70's Groovy Style" shirt

Regular price €26.90 -20% Price €21.52
This 70s fashion inspired shirt will be perfect for a retro night out! Closed with transparent buttons.

Sailor's beret

Price €5.90
Sailor hat in white fabric and blue edging, with gold navy anchor on the front and two blue satin ribbons on the back. Adult T.U.

Peace and love wig

Price €16.90
Long, blonde wig with wavy hair and integrated red headband. Ideal to return to the peace & love era or to play the frenzied rockers!

Crested Punk Wig

Price €16.90
Short multicolored wig with red Iroquois crest. Ideal for adopting the punk style during the carnival! Suitable for both men and women.

China Girl Wig

Price €18.90
Long black hair wig and bangs topped with a bun with flowers and butterflies and four wooden sticks with pearls and gold jewelry.

Flirty Flapper costume

Price €49.90
This 1920s costume is sure to take you on a trip back in time! Included is a blue dress with sequins and fringes, a sequined headband with...
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Pumpkin Child Costume

Regular price €24.90 -€10.00 Price €14.90
One size fits all costume including pumpkin body with big moving eyes and hat. Suitable for 2-4 years old children. (Green jumpsuit not...

Hippie Jewelry Kit

Price €4.90
This hippie jewelry set includes a pair of clip-on earrings and a pendant hanging from an adjustable black cord. Ideal to finalize your peace...

Asian Umbrella

Price €14.90
This white parasol with floral motifs is made of rice paper, old style, with wooden handle and frame, and measures approximately 80 cm. It will be...
Costume "60's Groovy Hippie"
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Costume "60's Groovy Hippie"

Regular price €54.90 -15% Price €46.67

Coco Flapper costume

Price €59.90
This 20s costume will take you on a trip back in time! Includes a powder pink dress with a pattern and black fringes on the bottom of the dress,...

Costume "Psychedelic Hippie"

Regular price €54.90 -15% Price €46.67

Ming wig

Price €14.90
This wig consists of a faux latex half skull on the front part, and a long black braid on the back half of the wig. It will go perfectly with a...

Alexia Wig - Purple

Price €44.90
Ideal for all occasions, this luxury wig with fringe will be the essential accessory to complete your disguise! Length 48 cm. These Fever Wig...

Hippie Glasses

Price €5.90
These little round glasses in the perfectly hippie style will be the essential accessory to perfect your disguise during your theme parties!...

Khloe Wig - Blue

Price €49.90
Ideal for all occasions, this luxury wig with fringe will be the essential accessory to complete your disguise! Length 66 cm. These Fever Wig...

Glasses Sugar Babe

Price €8.90
This pair of glasses will be perfect to accessorize your hippie outfit or even for the 70's theme. Suitable for both men and women. Exist: -...

Costume "Woodstock Hippie"

Regular price €69.90 -20% Price €55.92

20s hat

Price €14.90
This very beautiful luxury hat type 20s will complete your outfit wonderfully! Velvety in appearance, it has two rows of pearls, a flower and a...

OppoSuit The Orange

Regular price €89.90 -23% Price €69.22

OppoSuit Batman™

Regular price €129.00 -30% Price €90.30
Costume Geisha de luxe
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Costume Geisha de luxe

Regular price €119.90 -25% Price €89.93

OppoSuit Superman™

Regular price €129.00 -30% Price €90.30

OppoSuit Stormtrooper

Regular price €129.00 -30% Price €90.30

OppoSuit Pac-Man

Regular price €129.00 -30% Price €90.30

OppoSuit Cashanova

Regular price €89.90 -23% Price €69.22

OppoSuit White Knight

Regular price €89.90 -23% Price €69.22

"20s" pearl necklace

Price €4.90
Indispensable to complete your costume from the Roaring Twenties, this 180 cm pearl necklace will put the finishing touch to your outfit!

OppoSuit Harleking

Regular price €89.90 -23% Price €69.22

Black satin tie

Price €8.90
Black satin tie, ideal to complete a Halloween or carnival disguise. Can adapt to several disguise ideas, going from Al Capone to a simple...

Hippie Costume

Price €89.90
Let your hippie side come out and stand out from your friends with this costume with peace and love patterns! (include: jacket, pants, tie)

Déguisement lapin femme

Regular price €34.90 -20% Price €27.92

Neon Leopard Costume

Price €89.90
Set the tone with this suit with leopard and tabby patterns and multiple flashy colors. Ideal for an 80s party! (include: jacket, pants, tie)

Scream Mask

Price €3.90
Scream mask in white plastic with black fabric hood going towards the back. Perfect for Halloween or for a movie themed party.

Costume Coccinelle adulte

Regular price €54.90 -20% Price €43.92

Costume Empereur Chinois de...

Regular price €119.90 -25% Price €89.93

OppoSuit Purple Prince

Regular price €89.90 -23% Price €69.22

Spider Handbag

Price €12.90
Ideal to stay in the horror theme, this handbag with spider web and big spider will be perfect to accessorize your outfit, or simply to go on a...

Costume Evil Madame

Regular price €59.90 -20% Price €47.92

Costume de Policier - Femme

Regular price €49.90 -20% Price €39.92

Costume de policier - Homme

Regular price €49.90 -15% Price €42.42

Planche de Surf Gonflable...

Regular price €16.90 -30% Price €11.83

Costume de Capitaine Homme

Regular price €54.90 -20% Price €43.92

Costume Femme Capitaine

Regular price €39.90 -20% Price €31.92

Costume Candy Queen

Regular price €54.90 -30% Price €38.43
Costume Candy Queen Femme comprenant un body en latex et une robe 

Men's sailor costume

Regular price €49.90 -15% Price €42.42
Hissez haut, santiano ! Voici de quoi vous vêtir pour prendre le large ! Taille S : 48/50 Taille M : 50/52 Taille L : 52/54 © Copyright...

Costume arbitre femme

Regular price €49.90 -30% Price €34.93
Costume arbitre femme composé d'une robe, d'un sifflet, d'un carton jaune et d'un carton rouge. Idéal pour une soirée déguisée ou pour montrer...

Costume Pierrot Femme

Regular price €64.90 -25% Price €48.68
Costume Pierrot Femme noir, blanc et rouge comprenant une robe, un col, deux bandeaux de poignets et un chapeau.  Taille S: 36-38 Taille M:...

Costume Princesse guerrière

Regular price €64.90 -20% Price €51.92
Costume princesse guerrière comprenant une robe avec cape, une ceinture, des jambières et des bracelets.

Costume rodéo girl

Regular price €49.90 -10% Price €44.91
Costume rodéo girl comprenant une robe avec jupon et une ceinture.  Taille M: 36-38 Taille L: 40-42

Costume César

Regular price €44.90 -20% Price €35.92
 Costume César comprenant une tunique avec toge et une ceinture. Taille M: 50-52

Chemise Hawaienne

Regular price €19.90 -20% Price €15.92

Chemise Hawaienne

Regular price €19.90 -20% Price €15.92

Rainbow Man Suit

Regular price €89.90 -23% Price €69.22
Men's suit in the colors of the rainbow consisting of a jacket, pants and a tie.

Vest Satin Pink Ladies

Price €24.90
Get inspired by the famous Pink Ladies gang from the movie Grease with this pink satin-effect zip-up jacket "Pink Ladies". Ideal with faux leather...

Déguisement de L'éxécuteur

Regular price €44.90 -20% Price €35.92

Gangster Dress

Price €39.90
Black dress with white lines with neckline. Ideal for playing a female gangster. May also be suitable for a sexy school teacher costume!

Female Sailor Uniform

Regular price €49.90 -30% Price €34.93
Sailor uniform costume for women. Size S: 36/38 Size M: 38/40 Size L: 40/42

Hippie Woman Costume

Regular price €49.90 -20% Price €39.92
Costume maxi dress hippie à fleurs. Taille S : 36/38 Taille M : 38/40 Taille L : 40/42

Gangster Costume

Price €49.90
Black gangster costume with white stripes including jacket and pants. (Tie, hat and submachine gun not included). Available in size: S:...

Hippie Woman Costume

Price €54.90
This hippie themed costume for women consists of a long flared sleeve top, elephant leg pants and a hair band. Velvet-look fabric. Ideal for a...

Honey Monster Costume

Price €119.00
Fans of the little yellow and hairy monster of the famous brand of honey cereal, this costume is made for you! It consists of a head covering...

Costume Lapin Femme

Regular price €44.90 -30% Price €31.43
Costume lapin noir et marabou rose femme, composé d'une robe, d'une ceinture, d'un col avec noeud papillon et d'oreilles

Banana Rasta Costume

Regular price €54.90 -20% Price €43.92
Ideal for making your friends laugh during a fancy dress event, this banana jumpsuit with integrated rastafarians will not go unnoticed! One...

Zebra Costume

Price €59.90
Zebra costume for adult (unisex) consisting of a full suit with hood in the shape of a zebra head. Zip closure at the front of the suit.

Luxury Miss Santa

Price €79.90
Luxurious red velvet-look Santa Claus costume including a corset with white laces and white faux fur, a long skirt, a white faux fur shoulder...

Hippo Ballerina Costume

Price €69.90
Bet everything on humor with this hippopotamus ballerina costume for adults (unisex) composed of a pink and gray foam top with paunchy effect,...

Mr Potato Costume

Regular price €129.90 -30% Price €90.93
This Official Licensed Mr Patate ™ costume for adults includes: a jumpsuit, a hat, a pair of gloves and a pair of overshoes.

Elsa Adult Costume

Price €69.90
Elsa Frozen from the animated film "The Snow Queen" wearing this very complete Anna Snow Queen costume for adults. The set consists of a dress and...

Steampunk Man Costume

Price €54.90
Take a leap back to the days of the industrial revolution with this steampunk men's costume including a long black coat with brown colored pieces...
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Costume Clown Horreur

Regular price €79.90 -15% Price €67.92

Black Cape

Price €19.90
Hooded vampire cloak, black Complete your Halloween costume with this black hooded vampire cape. If you want to be the scariest vampire at the...