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Rock Star Baby Costume


Your child will be the star of the carnival with this costume inspired by the very famous Elvis Presley! Includes a jumpsuit with belt and integrated cape, snap closure at the crotch and scratch at the collar, pair of small slippers and black balaclava in the shape of a banana hairstyle.

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Male Rockabilly wig


Wig for your Rocabilly style costume for an adult man costume.

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Ring in Pointes Ring in Pointes Ring in Pointes

Ring in Pointes


Silver color ring, with three tips.

Single size adult.

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Crested Punk Wig


Short multicolored wig with red Iroquois crest. Ideal for adopting the punk style during the carnival!

Suitable for both men and women.

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Neon Punk Bracelet


Bring out your punk side with this elastic spiked bracelet in neon color.

Mitaine Dead Head


Ideal to complete your outfit, this black mitten with streaked death head will give you a rock look!!