Heart mirror confetti


Heart mirror table confetti, ideal both on a table and to stick on an invitation, a thank you card or a party menu.

Bag of 10 hearts: 2.2 x 2.4 cm.

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Heart balloon - 91 cm


This pretty heart-shaped balloon will adapt to your theme parties, weddings or birthdays. Designed in aluminum (mylar) with a size of 91 cm, it will perfectly decorate your party room.

Different colors to choose from.

Height: 91 cm

Floatation time: 10-15 days

Balloon sold inflated with helium - weightless

Please indicate the desired pickup / delivery date and save the date

Arc-en-Ciel flag with Heart

Arc-en-Ciel flag with Heart


Fabric flag in the colors of the rainbow with heart in the center in the same colors.

Dimensions: 90 x 150 cm.

Heart Balloon - 40 cm


This pretty heart-shaped balloon will adapt to your theme parties, weddings or birthdays.

Different colors to choose from.

Size: 40cm

Floatation time: 5-10 days

Helium balloon - Sold without weight

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Silver Heart Balloon 106 cm


106 cm aluminium ball, open, white with silver motifs. Ideal for the decoration of your wedding!

Sold with or without helium swelling.

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"Be Mine" garland


Happy Birthday cardboard garland. Ideal for a gentle birthday decoration. Available in rose gold, gold or silver.

Dimensions: 16.5 x 62 cm.

Swirls Hearts


Swirls Hearts, red, length approximately 60 centimeters.

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Heart balloon 73 cm


Rose Gold Heart Balloon 73 cm

Sold inflated with helium - weightless

Flotation: 5-10 days

Heart balloon 45 cm


Medium ball in heart shape.Sold without swell.

  • Size XS: 45 cm (18")
  • Size S : 61 cm (24")
  • Size M : 72 cm (28")
  • Size L : 90 cm (36")

6 Assiettes coeur rose gold


6 Plates in pink gold and heart shape, ideal for Valentine's Day, a wedding or other occassion.

Size: 21 x 19 cm.

Pink Lips Balloon


Pink lip-shaped ball, ideal to decorate a wedding or Valentine's Day.

Balloon inflated aluminium


Offer this heart-shaped balloon to your partner or decorate your party or a special occasion (a wedding, a couple’s birthday, a communion or a first birthday) with this ball.

It is sold inflated to the helium and attached with a weight.

19 Hearts - Valentine's Day Bouquet


19 balls in the heart shape. Balloon size: 45cm. Sold inflated with helium.

Surprise your beloved in this Valentine's Day with this great bouquet, you will be the best lover! Ideal also for another occasion like a wedding or a couple’s birthday.



Decorate your Valentine's Day dinner with this heart-shaped table centre. Includes a personalized message. Stick in white and inflated air.

Inflated heart ball without or with message

Without customization With customization

Offer this balloon to your darling for Valentine's Day. You can include a message or not. Ideal also for couples' birthdays or wedding decoration.

Sold inflated with air.

Stick in white.

Balloon size: 45cm (18")

Suspension of hearts


Decorate your living room with this heart-shaped suspension, ideal for Valentine's Day or a wedding. Size: 18 x 16.5cm.

Ballon Cupcake "Love You"

Ballon Cupcake "Love You"


Cupcake 89 cm aluminium balloon "Love You" in pink and black.

Sold with or without helium inflation.

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