Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick tartan felt Saint Patrick tartan felt

Saint Patrick tartan felt


To celebrate St. Patrick's Day and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the most popular Irish holiday in the world, nothing beats this beautiful tartan hat with a large shamrock on the side. Suitable for ladies and gents. One adult size.

Clover confetti

Clover confetti


Put luck on your side with these confetti representing the famous shamrock accompanied by small Leprechauns.

70g bag.

Décoration pour fenêtre Saint Patrick


Board of 14 self-adhesive clovers in the shape of clover. These shamrocks are of different colors and sizes and glittered. Nice to decorate a mirror or the windows during St. Patrick's Day!

Glasses and beard Saint...

Glasses and beard Saint Patrick


In no time, turn into a leprechaun with this pair of Saint Patrick's Day glasses. Plastic glasses, red beard hanging by links at the bottom of the glasses.

One size adult

Saint Patrick badges

Saint Patrick badges


Set of 8 metal badges with a different inscription or motif on each. They attach to clothes, costumes, bags, hats with a small pin attached to the back.

Dimensions: 3.8cm in diameter.

Saint Patrick garlands


Lot of 4 garlands on the theme of the famous Saint Patrick! This lot includes: a "Irish for a Day" barn banner, a large "Happy St Patrick's Day" garland, a small "A wee Bit Irish" garland and a "Luck of the Irish" garland.

Saint Patrick Accessory Kit Saint Patrick Accessory Kit

Saint Patrick Accessory Kit


This St Patrick's colour accessories kit includes:

  • A pair of glasses in the shape of a clover
  • A bow tie
  • The straps
Saint Patrick's headband

Saint Patrick's headband


This cute headband fitted with a hat will give you the luck you deserve on Saint Patrick's Day!