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copy of Bateau Pirate - Rental


Boarding! Pirate Party.

Dimensions: 4m x 6m x 4m

Weight: 250 kg

Price from, for a weekday rental.

Excluding assembly and delivery

For more information and reservations, do not hesitate to contact us at 26 19 68 91 or

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Gold moon foil balloon


Foil balloon in the shape of a moon, gold measuring 60 cm.

Possibility of inflating with helium.

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Foil balloon Happy Birthday Cosmos


46 cm aluminum balloon representing festive little astronauts and the message Happy Birthday.

Possibility to inflate with helium.

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Cosmos Party Bags


6 paper party bags with colored adhesive tabs, on the theme of space.

Ideal for giving a small gift or sweets.


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Space rocket DIY kit Space rocket DIY kit Space rocket DIY kit

Space rocket DIY kit


Complete kit to create your own balloon garland on the theme of space.

Contains: a hole garland, a straw, 3 latex modeling balls, 39 round latex balls, an aluminium rocket balloon, a silver pumpkin.

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Happy Birthday Robot Balloon Happy Birthday Robot Balloon

Happy Birthday Robot Balloon


Aluminum balloon measuring 152 cm representing a friendly robot holding a gift inscribed "happy birthday".

May be inflated with helium.

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Hanging decorations space


Pack of space-themed decorative pendant lights. Perfect for putting stars in your child's eyes!

Contains: 3 planets and 2 rockets, to assemble yourself.

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Space Rocket Plates


Pack of 6 paper plates, in the shape of a space rocket. Ideal for a birthday that will send your child to the stars!

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