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Battle Shot Table


When shot glasses replace the boring plastic ships, it promises great fun! Revisit the famous game of naval battle with this battle shot table. It will give another dimension to your evenings with friends!

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White Feather Wings


Pair of white feather wings measuring 67 x 64 cm.

Maintained by white elastics (the wings are worn on the same principle as a backpack).

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Table de Beer Pong Player

Table de Beer Pong Player


Keep calm and play beer pong !

Beer Pong table approved for the World Series of Beer Pong. Foldable in 4 and easily transportable with its integrated handle.

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8 Minnie Plates


8 Minnie cardboard plates under official license. Ideal for organizing your birthday party.

Dimensions: 23cm

White polka dot dress White polka dot dress

White polka dot dress


So 50's! 1950s style white dress with black polka dots.

Costume consisting of a dress and a belt.

Lunettes Flamant Rose


This pair of shiny pink glasses will be the indispensable accessory for your summer party!

10 Plates in different colors


Lot of 10 plastic plates diameter 22.8 cm.

Different colors to choose from: red, orange, forest green, navy blue, kiwi green, yellow, gold, turquoise, pale pink, silver, purple, pale blue.

Number 41 cm - GOLD


Mylar aluminum balloon inflatable figure only with air.

To suspend.

Sold uninflated.

Navy heels Navy heels Navy heels

Navy heels

38 39 40
€59.90 €50.92

Woman's shoes with heels in blue imitation leather with nautical patterns and anchor. Ideal to accessorize your sexy navy costume!

Heel height: 10cm

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Honey Monster Costume Honey Monster Costume Honey Monster Costume

Honey Monster Costume


Fans of the little yellow and hairy monster of the famous brand of honey cereal, this costume is made for you!

It consists of a head covering mask, a jacket, a pair of gloves and boot cuffs).

Officially Licensed. 2019 Honey Monster Foods Honey Monster is a trademark of Honey Monster foods Limited.

Red sequined suspenders

Red sequined suspenders


Pair of red sequined, elastic and adjustable suspenders. Unisex.

(Hat and bow tie not included).

Beer Pong Kit Beer Pong Kit Beer Pong Kit

Beer Pong Kit


Wherever you go, take this beer pong survival kit with you!

Easy to carry, this kit contains: 22 red cups, 2 racks and 4 balls.

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8 Frozen Plates


8 paper plates under official Frozen license. Ideal for your little girl's birthday party!

Dimensions: 23cm.

Catcher dream panda 26 cm


Made in France

Available in our Partyshop Hollerich and Junglinster stores

Contact us for availability.

Camp Indien - Rental


Come and have fun in the heart of the Indian village! Come dance and jump around the totems!

Dimensions: 6x8 m.

Price from, for a weekday rental.

Excluding assembly, delivery 

For more information and reservations, do not hesitate to contact us at 26 19 68 91 or

Cavernes Woman Costume


Make a leap in the prehistory with this disguise of woman caves, composed of a dress with belt, velvet aspect.

(Gourdin not included).

Black beer helmet

Black beer helmet


The funny accessory par excellence: the beer helmet, a must-have for your evenings with friends, bachelor/bachelorette parties. Can contain cans or cups of 25 cl.

Number - 86 cm - GOLD


Aluminum Mylar number balloon, inflated with helium sold without weight

Please indicate the date of withdrawal / delivery of the inflated balloons in the personalization field and save

Flamingo glasses

Flamingo glasses


Wearing glasses in the colors of your favorite animal is now possible!

Panda 25 cm


Made in France

Available in our Partyshop Hollerich and Junglinster stores

Contact us for availability.

Golden Bottle Balloon "Happy New Year"


Golden aluminum balloon in the shape of a champagne bottle, with white inscription "Happy New Year". Ideal for your decoration during the end of year celebrations.

Height: 82 cm.

Sold with or without inflation

Marine Anchor Balloon


For sailors who wish to drop anchor, this balloon will be ideal to decorate your boat party, or for a birthday on the theme of the sea! Aluminum Mylar, possibly inflated with air or helium.

Dimensions: 76 x 53 cm.

L'Indien - Rental


It's up to you to honor the chief of the Indian tribe by jumping as much as possible.

Can be remove by car

Dimensions: 3.8 m x 2.8 m x 2.9 m.

Weight: 70 kg

Price from, for a weekday rental.

Excluding assembly and delivery

For more information and reservations, do not hesitate to contact us at 26 19 68 91 or

Black wings


These black feather wings will be the essential accessory to play the fallen angels on the occasion of Halloween!

The wings can be worn like a backpack, thanks to two large black elastic bands.

Dimensions: 86x31cm

Champagne glass balloon 'Cheers'


Cheers Champagne Cup Foil Balloon

  • Size: 28 x 80 cm (11 x 31.5'')
  • Inflates with air with a pump or helium

Uninflated balloon. You can buy the material to inflate it at home (helium, pump) or we can inflate it for you. 

Rental - Snow Ball


Transparent and customisable sphere with a diameter of 3.2 metres.

PRICE FOR ONE DAY, INCLUDING ASSEMBLY AND DISASSEMBLY. Note: 6 hours are required in total (3 hours of assembly and 3 hours of disassembly).

If you rent for more than one day, the price is €495 from the second day.

Contact us for more information.

Jungle - Rental


Come have fun with the elephant, the giraffe and the zebra.

Dimensions: 10 m x 5 m x 7 m.

Weight: 380 kg. - 2 Motors

Price from, for a weekday rental.

Excluding assembly, delivery 

For more information and reservations, do not hesitate to contact us at 26 19 68 91 or

NiceTM Brice Costume

NiceTM Brice Costume


Ideal for breaking your friends during the carnival or a disguised evening, this costume by the famous Brice de Nice is made up of a yellow V-neck t-shirt with "Brice de Nice" inscription and elasticated trousers to the waist and ankles.

Under official license Brice de NiceTM.

20 Beer Pong Cups


Just as essential as the red cup, these blue cups are synonymous with trendy American-style evenings! Ideal for a small game of beer pong. Reusable.

20 cups x 53 cl.

  • Online only
Ballon Sphere Mickey Mouse

Ballon Sphere Mickey Mouse


Transparent sfather ball with Mickey Mouse motifs.

Diameter: 40 cm.

Sold with or without swelling.

Balloon Birthday cake


Aluminum balloon representing a birthday cake with candles. Sold with or without inflation.

Height: 88 cm.

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Pony Cycle Pony Cycle

Pony Cycle


The size is suitable for children from 3 years to 9 years. The maximum load capacity is 40 kg.Non-motorized. Your kids will feel like riding a real pony. Encourages children to play actively while developing their balance and coordination. Size : Small 73 cm in H and Garo 50 cm. Medium 90 cm H and Garo 62 cm.

Available in our Hollerich and Junglinster Shops!

For information, contact us at 26 19 68 91 or 26 78 09 88.

Black tooth enamel


This black tooth polish will allow you to blacken one or more teeth to give the impression that they are missing or to use in small touches to give the impression of a completely horrible teeth! Ideal for Halloween.

Container : 8 ml.

Traditional Bavarian hat


Traditional Bavarian hat in gray, blue and white rope and feathers. Ideal accessory for Oktoberfest.