Baptism & Communion

10 Plates in different colors


Lot of 10 plastic plates diameter 22.8 cm.

Different colors to choose from: red, orange, forest green, navy blue, kiwi green, yellow, gold, turquoise, pale pink, silver, purple, pale blue.

20 Face Towels 20 Face Towels 20 Face Towels

20 Face Towels


20 white paper napkins with closed eyes and pink cheekbones.

Dimensions: 33 x 33 cm.

Zigzag Napkins


Pack of zigzag style napkins in white and gold or silver colour. 

  • Size of the napkins: 33x33cm
  • Quantity: 20 napkins per pack

If the quantity you need is not available, please contact us directly.

Star dessert plates


Pack of star dessert plates. 

  • Size of the plates: 18cm
  • Quantity: 6 plates per pack
6 Plates with Stars 6 Plates with Stars 6 Plates with Stars

6 Plates with Stars


Set of 6 small cardboard dessert plates with pastel and silver stars, and silver border.

Diameter: 18 cm.

6 Star Cups


Lot of 6 paper cups with pastel and silver stars.

Container: 188 ml.

6 Gold Cups


Lot of 6 golden cardboard cups.

Container: 220 ml.

Star balloon - 40 cm


This pretty star-shaped balloon will adapt to your theme parties, wedding, birthday, baptism or communion. it will perfectly decorate your party room. Different colors to choose from.

Size: 40cm

Floatation time: 5 - 10 days

Sold Helium inflated - weightless

Please indicate the desired pickup / delivery date and save the date

White Petals Confetti Cannon


Explosive cannon to throw confetti rose petals, white. Can be used indoors and outdoors. The confetti goes up to 5 - 8 meters in height. Ideal for a wedding!

Choice of length: 40cm or 60cm

Champagne bottle Confetti Canon


Champagne bottle shaped confetti canon with metallic coloured confetti paper (gold or silver, depending on the colour of the bottle). Size: 32 cm.

  • Out-of-Stock

Butterfly paper decoration


Butterfly lace effect decoration on the wings, to hang or place on the table.

Bag of 10 pieces.

Adhesives not included.

Dimensions: 8 * 5 cm

10 Butterfly Place Cards


This butterfly place card will not fail to bring the touch of originality to your table. With a lace wing, and its iridescent appearance, you will also bring a touch of softness and delicacy to your decoration. Ideal for a wedding, a baptism, a communion or even on a birthday.

Sold by 10.

Dimensions: 7 x 11 cm.

50 latex balloons


Package of 50 latex balloons, several colors to choose from (matt colors). The balloons are made of 100% natural and biodegradable latex. Size of the inflated balloon: 27 cm.

Complement your balloon with plastic ribbon and a weight (available in different colours).

Uninflated balloon. You can buy the material to inflate it at home (helium, pump) or we can inflate it for you (contact us for this).  

Paquet de ballons latex métallisé


Pack of 50 latex balloons, several colors to choose from (metallic colors). The balloons are made of 100% natural and biodegradable latex.

Size of inflated balloon: 28 cm.

Jumbo pailles neon


Bag of 25 straws maxi-size (jumbo) 44 cm, flexible heads.

Choice of colors: pink, green, yellow, orange.

10 Pea straws


Pack of 10 cardboard straws, ideal for retro parties, birthdays, baptisms, communions and even at a wedding in a sweet bar!

Size: 19.5 cm.

Several colors to choose from: fuchsia, black, turquoise, pink.

10 "barley sugar" straws


Pack of 10 cardboard straws, ideal for retro parties, birthdays, baptisms, communions and even weddings at a sweet bar!

Size: 19.5 cm.

Several colors to choose from: red, yellow, lavender, fuchsia, gold.

Decorative Paper Butterflies


Butterfly with lace effect on the wings, to hang, stick or simply put to bring softness to your decoration. In iridescent white cardboard.

Bag of 10 pieces.

Ideal for a wedding, baptism, communion or simply for a birthday table.

Adhesives not included.

Dimensions: 6.5 cm x 4 cm.

6 White and Gold Feathers 6 White and Gold Feathers

6 White and Gold Feathers


Decorative white feathers with metallic gold tip.

The ideal detail for a soft decoration during a wedding, a baptism or on the occasion of the holiday season.

Lot of 6 feathers from 10 to 16 cm.

4 transparent gift boxes 4 transparent gift boxes

4 transparent gift boxes


These small transparent gift boxes will be both a container and an original gift to offer to your guests at a wedding, baptism, communion or birthday.

Thanks to its transparent color you can play on the colors of your sugared almonds, put feathers, pearls or other for a very soft decoration.

Sold by 4.

Dimensions: L.4.5cm x l. 4.5cm x H. 6cm.

10 Dragee boxes


Bag of 10 small dragee boxes with white peas. Satin ribbon closure.

Two colors to choose from: light pink or light blue.

A self-assembly. Dimensions: 5.2 x 5.2 cm.

10 Dragee boxes

10 Dragee boxes


Lot of 10 dragée-shaped sugared almond boxes, to be assembled, in rigid cardboard, ideal for decorating your baby shower, baptism or sip and see.

Available in pink or blue.

Dimensions: 8cm x 3cm x 9cm.

Silver Decorative Spray


Silver Spray ideal to customize pine apples, floral arrangements, Christmas crowns or any other decorations.

Capacity: 150 ml.


Metallic plates Metallic plates

Metallic plates


Pack of metallic plates. 

  • Size of the plates: 23cm
  • Quantity: 8 plates per pack
White rectangular cage White rectangular cage White rectangular cage

White rectangular cage


This beautiful white cage will bring the touch of romance and elegance to your wedding decoration.

Also nicely placed in the center of the table, it can also allow your guests to leave you their greeting messages, thanks to an opening from above. It also has a hook on the top, so that it can be hung.

Dimensions: 24 x 34 cm.

Pacifer Dragee Boxes


Surprise your guests with these small nipple-shaped dragee containers, which will be an original souvenir to offer during a baptism, baby shower or Sip and See.

Sold by 4.

Two colors to choose from: pink or blue.

Dimensions: Ø 4.4 cm x H 6.7 cm.

Unicorn Cake Topper


Cardboard unicorn decoration kit, on wooden sticks. 5 models in the kit: a unicorn, a rainbow, a smiling cloud, two stars, and a shooting star.

Ideal to perfect the decoration of your cake !!

Cake Topper "Sweet Kisses"


Cardboard cake decoration on wooden spikes, representing the words "Sweet Kisses" in golden glitter. Ideal for decorating a wedding cake, a birthday cake, or for Valentine's Day.

Height: 16 cm.

10 Glitter cups


Pack of 10 Glitter cups of 53 cl

  • They are reusable and washable by hand.
  • Material: cardboard

Gold and white bouquet


Bouquet of balloons inflated with helium composed of:

- 4 latex balloons 28 cm chrome gold and white

- 1 gold star 40 cm

Bouquet sold inflated with helium with weight

Please indicate the date of withdrawal / delivery of the inflated balloons in the personalization field and save

For any delivery outside Luxembourg City, please contact our customer service to explain the procedure to you: - (+352) 26 19 68 91

  • Online only

Rose petals


These rose petals will give another dimension to your outing from church or commune while keeping the tradition.

Both to create an aisle of honor and to decorate your tables, you will enhance your event with these fabric rose petals.

Package of 500 petals, color of your choice: white, pale pink, red, fuchsia, purple, lavender, green.

Guirlande à pompons en papier


Paper tassel garland, do it yourself, with 12 tassels (pink, purple, green, blue - 3 of each). Ideal for perfect decoration during your event.

Length: 2 meters.

Height pompoms: 30 cm.

"Baptism" Giant Balloon Pink

"Baptism" Giant Balloon Pink


This giant balloon of 86 cm in pink latex and white flower and butterfly patterns will be perfect for decorating your party room during the baptism of your little princess!

Sold with or without helium.

Paper candle holders


These pretty paper lanterns with hearts will gently illuminate the edges of the path leading to your reception, along a low wall or on your tables. Ideal for creating a magical atmosphere!

Made of fireproof paper.

Suitable for 'tealight' candles as well as LED night lights. Package of 10 lanterns.

Dimensions: 15 x 9 x 26cm.

Candles not included.

Personalized balloon garland DIY


This Kit is composed of:

- 50 latex balloons 28 cm

- 1 magic ribbon

- 1 explanatory note

Finished garland: between 1.5 and 2 m

Very easy to assemble, here is the link to our video tutorial:

Please indicate your colors and / or theme in the personalization and validate the personalization.

Thaïs kit contains uninflated balloons.It should be equipped with a manual or electric pump. .

  • Online only