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Hexa pong kit


Beer Pong kit with 6-sided cups for easy arrangement! Ideal to prevent glasses from spilling!

This kit contains: 22 cups and 4 balls.

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Beer bottle costume Beer bottle costume Beer bottle costume
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Beer bottle costume


Humorous beer bottle disguise (only the suit is included), ideal for beer parties, and original for various occasions!

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Balloon Beer 88 cm


Aluminum ball representing a cup of beer and measuring 86 cm high. Ideal for a beer pong party, for the Oktoberfest or simply to offer beer lovers!

Sold with or without helium swelling.

Cravate Bavaroise


This satin-looking tie with the colours of the Bavarian flag will be ideal for your Oktoberfest.

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8 Oktoberfest Cups

€5.95 €4.95

8 cardboard cups with the Oktoberfest motif. Indispensable to savor a good weissbier!

Container: 266 ml.

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Heidi blonde wig


Blonde wig with adjustable braids and red bows.
This wig is ideal for dressing up as Heidi, for a Bavarian theme, or simply as an accessory for your costume party.

Wig for adults. T.U.

Bavaroise Bretelles


Pair of elastic straps with colours of the Bavarian flag. This accessory will be ideal to complete your outfit during the Oktoberfest.

Suitable for women and men. Adjustable straps.

Photobooth Kit accessories october beer festival


Photobooth Accessories October Beer Festival - 10 pieces. Contents: 10 photobooth props, 10 sticks and tape. Colour: Multicolour. You can use this article for the following party occasion(s): October Beer Festival and Theme Parties. There are 10 different designs in a package (printed on one side). The wooden sticks are 20 cm long. The item is made of paper.

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8 Oktoberfest Plates

€4.94 €3.94

8 paper plates with the Oktoberfest motif. Ideal for tasting your weisswurst and knödel!

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Organza Blue Organza Blue

Organza Blue


Organza Roll

Dimensions: 36 x 900 cm