Party bag

6 Spiderman party bags


6 party bags en plastique Spider-man web-warriors sous licence officielle. Idéal pour que tes convives repartent de ta fête d'anniversaire avec leurs souvenirs. 

DECO BOX - Sweet DECO BOX - Sweet DECO BOX - Sweet

DECO BOX - Sweet


This complete kit of decorations will be perfect to celebrate a birthday gently!

Composed of 47 pieces.

Bag of Multicolored Party favors


Bag of multicolored party favors including: 10 cone hats, 10 blowguns, 40 blowgun balls, 5 without genes and 20 small streamers.

Sachet 'Thank you'


Bag with the inscription 'Thank you', ideal for a birthday or other occasion. It's ideal for a birthday, a wedding or Valentine's Day.