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Canon à confetti - argent 40cm


Canon explosif à lancer des confettis métallisés argent. S'utilise en intérieur et extérieur. Les confettis montent à 5 - 8 mètres de hauteur. Idéal pour un mariage ou pour Nouvel An !

Longueur: 40cm 

Bomb with serpentine wires


This pressure canister throws serpentine yarns, and will be perfect for New Year's Eve, Carnival and other festive events.

Colors: yellow, red, green, blue.

Capacity: 83 ml.

Multicolored confetti cannon


Multicolored metallic confetti cannon. Can be used indoors and outdoors. The confetti goes up to 5 - 8 meters in height. Ideal for a wedding, a birthday or for New Year's Eve.

Length: 60cm.

Bag of Multicolored Party favors


Bag of multicolored party favors including: 10 cone hats, 10 blowguns, 40 blowgun balls, 5 without genes and 20 small streamers.

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Confetti balloon 1 m


Latex balloon with multicolored confetti

Size: 1 m

Sold with or without Helium inflation - sold without weight

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Gold Crystal Clear Balloon


Aluminium Gold Crystal Clear Balloon. 

  • Inflated size: 40 cm (14")
  • Inflates with air with a pump or helium.

Uninflated balloon. You can buy the material to inflate it at home (helium, pump) or we can inflate it for you.  

Confetti multicolor paper


Confetti multicolor paper, ideal for your birthday party. Note: non-exact image of the product but an estimate to get an idea of the product.