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Multicolored confetti cannon


Multicolored metallic confetti cannon. Can be used indoors and outdoors. The confetti goes up to 5 - 8 meters in height. Ideal for a wedding, a birthday or for New Year's Eve.

Length: 60cm.

Confetti multicolor paper


Confetti multicolor paper, ideal for your birthday party. Note: non-exact image of the product but an estimate to get an idea of the product.

Serpentines Metallic


Set of 2 rolls of 4 meter coils, metallic colors: gold, silver, pink, red. Or holograpic: gold, silver.

Bag of Multicolored Party favors


Bag of multicolored party favors including: 10 cone hats, 10 blowguns, 40 blowgun balls, 5 without genes and 20 small streamers.

Canon à confetti - argent 40cm


Canon explosif à lancer des confettis métallisés argent. S'utilise en intérieur et extérieur. Les confettis montent à 5 - 8 mètres de hauteur. Idéal pour un mariage ou pour Nouvel An !

Longueur: 40cm 

Metallic Streamers Metallic Streamers

Metallic Streamers


Pack of Metallic Streamers. Contents: 3 rolls of 18 coils of 4m.

Bomb with serpentine wires


This pressure canister throws serpentine yarns, and will be perfect for New Year's Eve, Carnival and other festive events.

Colors: yellow, red, green, blue.

Capacity: 83 ml.

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Confetti balloon 1 m


Latex balloon with multicolored confetti

Size: 1 m

Sold with or without Helium inflation - sold without weight

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