Scars and special effects

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Liquid Latex 500 ml


White liquid latex.

Size: 500 ml.

It's ideal to make your ideal for your more realistic dress and makeup!

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Modeling wax


Modeling wax for 3D special effects in cinema and cinema quality (20 ml)

Composed of harder grade wax to create 3D effects such as wounds, scars and nasal bumps etc. as well as smooth transitions in latex parts.

Transparent modeling wax in resealable 20 ml jar

Fake zip scar

Fake zip scar


Apply with latex and fake blood to give the look of the photo.

Black tooth enamel


This black tooth polish will allow you to blacken one or more teeth to give the impression that they are missing or to use in small touches to give the impression of a completely horrible teeth! Ideal for Halloween.

Container : 8 ml.

Latex remover


The Mastix löser latex remover allows to perfect the cleaning of the latex parts or of the skin.

50 ml

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Bottle of 12 ml of mastix with an applicator brush. The glue you need for your makeup!
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