Cigarette holder Cigarette holder Cigarette holder

Cigarette holder


Black 30cm cigarette holder.

Ideal as an accessory for your hi-hat outfit.

Metallic handcuffs Metallic handcuffs

Metallic handcuffs


A must-have to complete your policeman's disguise: metallic handcuffs, sold with keys.

Anchor necklace and earrings


Gold necklace and earrings in the shape of an anchor. Ideal to complete your marine look at carnival or halloween.

White duster White duster

White duster


White feather duster. Essential accessory for your housekeeper costume for carnival or halloween

Scepter Scepter Scepter



Royal plastic scepter

Pharaoh's scepter


Pharaoh's scepter in gold color in plastic 48cm. Relive the days of ancient Egypt.

Striped socks

Striped socks


Mid-rise striped socks.

red / white - blue / white

Black wings


These black feather wings will be the essential accessory to play the fallen angels on the occasion of Halloween!

The wings can be worn like a backpack, thanks to two large black elastic bands.

Dimensions: 86x31cm

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Asian Umbrella Asian Umbrella

Asian Umbrella


This umbrella is made of rice paper, old Chinese style and measures about 80 cm. It will be perfect for your Chinese or Japanese costume or as a decoration on the same theme.

Saint Patrick badges

Saint Patrick badges


Set of 8 metal badges with a different inscription or motif on each. They attach to clothes, costumes, bags, hats with a small pin attached to the back.

Dimensions: 3.8cm in diameter.



Gas foghorn, ideal for supporting your favorite team during a stadium match!

Capacity: 70 ml.

  • On sale!

Plastic club


This plastic club measuring 58cm will be the essential accessory to complete your costume as a cave man or woman!

Arc-en-Ciel Fan


Fabric fan in the colors of the rainbow, and white plastic.

40 cm open.

Red and Black Umbrella with...

Red and Black Umbrella with Bow


Ideal to complete your outfit, this black satin parasol with patterns representing roses and a black bow on a red piece and lace edge, will perfectly match your gothic, steampunk or baroque look.

Length: 87 cm

Diameter 90 cm

Automatic opening.

Anime Witch Balai


Decorative witch broom, animated with on-site rotation movement, fantomatic sounds and diabolical laughter. Works by motion sensor (including chips).

Height: 73 cm.

Exist in violet, orange or green.

Spider Handbag


Ideal to stay in the horror theme, this handbag with spider web and big spider will be perfect to accessorize your outfit, or simply to go on a candy hunt!

Vampire dentures


The dentures adapts to your mouth thanks to a thermoplastic paste!

Polystyrene dentures and dental thermoplastic paste

Instructions for use can be found on the back of the product.

Can be used many times!

Lace choker Lace choker

Lace choker


Lace choker available in three colors.

Sheriff's Star Sheriff's Star Sheriff's Star

Sheriff's Star


Silver sheriff's wing, ideal for a sheriff costume from Western or an American sheriff.

Cowboy Revolver

Cowboy Revolver


Cowboy gun

Barillet 12 shots (Do not allow shots to be shot)