"Flamingo" picks


How to imagine a tropical themed party without the famous flamingos? Ideal for decorating your cake, cupcakes, ice cream and even cocktails. Very decorative, they will surely bring the exotic touch to your event.

Pack of 6 spades: 3 of 15 cm and 3 of 23 cm

(Light cardboard flamingos and wooden spikes).

Lunettes Flamant Rose


This pair of shiny pink glasses will be the indispensable accessory for your summer party!

Flamingo Balloon


Aluminum balloon representing a flamingo.

Height: 117 cm.

Sold with Helium inflation - without weight

"Happy Birthday" Flamingo Balloon


45 cm aluminum balloon with inscription "Happy Birthday" on a background of tropical patterns and flamingo.

Sold with or without helium inflation.

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Flamingo glasses

Flamingo glasses


Wearing glasses in the colors of your favorite animal is now possible!

Walking balloon Flamant rose

Walking balloon Flamant rose


This walking balloon will be ideal as a birthday present for your bambins or simply in decoration.

We can walk him through a little string attached under his neck.

Height: 99 cm.

Sold inflated to the helium.