Cotillion and other products

Mother Phoquer, the game that puts your mother in PLS


The Mother Phoquer is the new adult card game for the apero that will put your buddies' mother in PLS. The goal: to make funny card combinations to make everyone laugh. The best black humor games of the moment!

Table Cotillions


Table cotillion, ideal for New Year's Eve or other occasions like Carnival.

Lot of 24 blowguns with paper balls


Lot of 24 metallic blowguns with security (12 gold and 12 silver) and 200 multicolored paper balls.

Ideal to set the mood during your event!

50 Firecrackers

50 Firecrackers


Classic firecrackers for celebrations or shows. Size: box of 50.

Party Whistles


Pack of 6 party whistles. Available in different colours (multicolour) or in one colour (gold or silver).

6 Party Hat


Lot of 6 party hats in various metallic colors. 

Metallic Streamers Metallic Streamers

Metallic Streamers


Pack of Metallic Streamers. Contents: 3 rolls of 18 coils of 4m.

Red & Black Confetti


Round red and black confetti, ideal for decorating your birthday table on the ladybug, baptism or communion theme.

5g bag.

Confetti cannon 60 cm


Gold or silver metallic confetti cannon. Can be used indoors and outdoors.

The confetti goes up to 5 - 8 meters in height.

Ideal for a wedding or for New Year!

Length: 60cm.

Clover confetti

Clover confetti


Put luck on your side with these confetti representing the famous shamrock accompanied by small Leprechauns.

70g bag.

Mickey confetti


Confetti of table Mickey, ideal to perfect your table decoration on the theme of the famous Disney mouse.


Multicolored confetti cannon


Multicolored metallic confetti cannon. Can be used indoors and outdoors. The confetti goes up to 5 - 8 meters in height. Ideal for a wedding, a birthday or for New Year's Eve.

Length: 60cm.

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Geometric diamond confetti


Diamond geometric cardboard confetti, ideal for a girly table decoration!

Mix colors: beige, fuchsia, petrol blue, dark blue.

Confetti Leaves Confetti Leaves

Confetti Leaves


Sachet of green metallic confetti in the shape of tropical leaves


Beetle hat


6 pointy cardboard hats Ladybug. Ideal to organize your birthday party

Basic metal


Basic metal lup ( silver or gold), ideal for a masked ball or celebrate the Carnival or New Year.

4 Party Poppers


Let your joy be expressed with this 4 popper party box. Forbidden under 12 years.

Ideal for celebrations and festivals of all kinds.

Magic garters - 45 cm


Magic garters - 45 cm. Magic candles are ideal for some occassions like a wedding, carnival, an adult birthday or New Year!

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