Orange Organza

Orange Organza


Organza orange. Ideal to decorate your wedding or birthday table.

Dimensions: 16cm x 9m

Palette Metal - 6 couleurs


Eulenspiegel metal palettes are a handy compilation of the most important makeup colors in a convenient metal box to carry. Ideal for carnival.

Contents: 5x profi-aqua 5g (black, white, yellow, royal blue, green, red) + 1x silver glitter 2g + 1 brush.

Metal Makeup Palette - 12...

Metal Makeup Palette - 12 colors


Eulenspiegel metal palettes are a handy compilation of the most important makeup colors in a convenient metal box to carry. Ideal for carnival.

Contents: 10 x 3,5 ml colors: white, black, yellow, pink, light red, pearl orange, emerald green, violet, sky blue, brown; 1 x 2g Glitter silver, 1 x 2g Glitter gold and 2 brushes.

Lens care product + case


Bottle of lens product, capacity 50 mL. It will be essential for you to ensure the hygiene of your lenses.

Keep for 1 year after opening, CE certified.

Use this solution to clean and store your lenses in the case provided for this purpose.

Black wings


These black feather wings will be the essential accessory to play the fallen angels on the occasion of Halloween!

The wings can be worn like a backpack, thanks to two large black elastic bands.

Dimensions: 86x31cm

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Diablo Wig


This red, orange and yellow wig will give the impression of an inferno on your head.

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Fancy lentils UV Pink

Fancy lentils UV Pink


Vampire, demon, zombie, witch or other monster, you will not go unnoticed with this pair of pink lenses reacting to black light. Great for Halloween!

Also suitable for dark eyes.

Valid 12 months after opening (store in lens solution).

Makeup brush set


Set of 3 makeup brushes of different sizes, for face or body painting.

Black tooth enamel


This black tooth polish will allow you to blacken one or more teeth to give the impression that they are missing or to use in small touches to give the impression of a completely horrible teeth! Ideal for Halloween.

Container : 8 ml.

Short black gloves


Pair oComplete your Père Foettard costume with these short black gloves. 

Costume Steampunk Woman

Costume Steampunk Woman


Return to the 19th century with this disguise. It will be ideal for a theme party, a steampunk convention, carnival or Halloween.

Contains: a dress, a belt and a mini hat.

Costume Comte Gothique

€109.90 €93.42

Ideal to embody a mysterious vampire in the evening of Halloween with this fancy dress of Gothic Count.

It includes a sleeveless shirt with golden embroidery print and lace scarf at the neck, a black long jacket and violet and a top hat.

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Mitaine Dead Head


Ideal to complete your outfit, this black mitten with streaked death head will give you a rock look!!

Lola Wig - Blonde Lola Wig - Blonde

Lola Wig - Blonde


Ideal for all occasions, this luxury wig with fringe will be the essential accessory to complete your disguise!

Length 30 cm.

These Fever Wig Collection professional quality wigs are stylizable and unique:

- Compatible with hair straighteners or curling irons (Heat resistant up to 120 ° C),

- Hand washable,

- Fully adjustable cups for better support,

- light and comfortable,

- Fake skin hair streaks.

Robber Costume

Robber Costume


Red hooded jumpsuit with front zip closure.

La Casa de Papel mask

La Casa de Papel mask


Rigid plastic mask inspired by Salvador Dali and used in the famous series "La Casa de Papel".

Clown Girl Costume Clown Girl Costume

Clown Girl Costume

4 - 5 ans 5 - 7 ans 8 - 10 ans 11 - 13 ans
€34.90 €26.18

Ideal for carnival, a school show or even halloween, this clown costume consists of a tutu dress and a mini-chapeau.

Only available in 11-13 years (158 cm).

  • Online only
  • -25%

Steampunk Wig with Lunettes


White wig with welder style glasses, ideal to perfect your steampunk look during Halloween, carnival or a theme party.

Steampunk Long Nez Mask


Silver plastic mask steampunk style with long nose. Holds by black elastic at the back of the head.

Ideal for finishing a Halloween or carnival outfit.

Halfmasque Steampunk Argent


Half-mask of silver color with rusting type inserts in the steampunk style. Ideal for halloween or carnival or during an event on the steampunk theme.

Holds by black elastic at the back of the head.

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Steampunk Man Costume Steampunk Man Costume

Steampunk Man Costume


Take a leap back to the days of the industrial revolution with this steampunk men's costume including a long black coat with brown colored pieces and gold buttons, a black shirt bib with white stripes with gold buttons and a brown top hat in fabric.

Lunettes Steampunk


Pair of steampunk-style sunglasses in bronze color. Holds by adjustable black elastic at the back of the head.

Glasses Steampunk Color Bronze


Pair of steampunk-style sunglasses in bronze color, with spikes on the sides and over-glasses to fold.

Ideal to complete your outfit during a theme party, carnival or Halloween.

Red and Black Umbrella with...

Red and Black Umbrella with Bow


Ideal to complete your outfit, this black satin parasol with patterns representing roses and a black bow on a red piece and lace edge, will perfectly match your gothic, steampunk or baroque look.

Length: 87 cm

Diameter 90 cm

Automatic opening.

Steampunk Eyebrows


These earrings in the steampunk style will be perfect to accessorize your outfit. They consist of bronze-colored wheels on a silver wing.

Masque Steampunk Cuivré


This retro-futuristic copper color plastic mask will be perfect for your event on the theme steampunk, Halloween or carnival.

Holds by black elastic at the back of the head.

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Steampunk lace accessories


Steampunk style jewelry set composed of a choker and two leather cuffs with black and brown lace, and copper-colored cogs and chains.

Adjustable lobster clasp closure.

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Bat balloon 80 cm


This aluminum bat balloon is sure to add a touch of cuteness to your decoration during Halloween. With his round face, closed eyes and small teeth, children will love sharing their Halloween snack in his company.

Balloon size: 52 x 80 cm.

Sold with or without helium.

6 Black Cat Plates


Lot of 6 paper plates representing a black cat head with closed gold eyes.

Ideal for Halloween, like during a birthday party on the theme of our favorite little cats !!

Dimensions: 22 x 20 cm.

Mask 'Dia de Los Muertos'


With its bright flowers and metallic gold embellishments, this calavera mask will be ideal for celebrating el dia de los muertos as it should be.

Cardboard mask. Maintained by black elastic.

8 Cat & Witch Cups


Lot of 8 cardboard cups: 4 black with gold-colored witch, and 4 gold with black-colored cat. Ideal for celebrating Halloween as it should be!

Container: 250 ml.

20 Cat & Witch Napkins


Set of 20 black paper napkins, with a gold witch on one side and a gold cat also on the other.

Dimensions: 33 x 33 cm.

8 Cat & Witch Plates


Lot of 8 paper plates: 4 gold with edge and black witch, and 4 black with edge and gold cat.

Diameter: 23 cm.

Frame Head Skeleton removable

Frame Head Skeleton removable


Golden frame head and bust of animated skeleton with sounds and bright eyes (the bottom of the face moves when the sounds are emitted; works by motion detector (including chips)).

To suspend or rest.

Dimensions: 32 x 48 cm.

Anime Witch Balai


Decorative witch broom, animated with on-site rotation movement, fantomatic sounds and diabolical laughter. Works by motion sensor (including chips).

Height: 73 cm.

Exist in violet, orange or green.