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Steampunk Long Nez Mask


Silver plastic mask steampunk style with long nose. Holds by black elastic at the back of the head.

Ideal for finishing a Halloween or carnival outfit.

Bloody Blonde Wig


Blonde wig with fringes, with duvets with blood effect.

One size adult.

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Evil Queen Cape


Evil Queen Cape

  • Colour: black 
  • Washing Instructions: Dry Clean Only
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Liquid Latex 500 ml


White liquid latex.

Size: 500 ml.

It's ideal to make your ideal for your more realistic dress and makeup!

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Palette Metal - 6 couleurs


Eulenspiegel metal palettes are a handy compilation of the most important makeup colors in a convenient metal box to carry. Ideal for carnival.

Contents: 5x profi-aqua 5g (black, white, yellow, royal blue, green, red) + 1x silver glitter 2g + 1 brush.

Latex Warrior Helmet


Warrior helmet covering the entire head, latex, silver color.

Single size adult.

Mask 'Dia de Los Muertos'


With its bright flowers and metallic gold embellishments, this calavera mask will be ideal for celebrating el dia de los muertos as it should be.

Cardboard mask. Maintained by black elastic.

Angel Halo Angel Halo

Angel Halo


Marabout angel Halo on Headband.

Purple Wig


Long Tie and Dye Purple and Lilac wig with integrated flower crown, bangs and waves.

Unique size.

Steampunk mask Steampunk mask

Steampunk mask


Steampunk theme plastic mask

not suitable for anti-covid protection.

Vampire Grey

Vampire Grey


Pair of gray lenses, without correction, to change the color of your eyes in a jiffy. Great for Halloween!

Also suitable for dark eyes.

Valid for 3 months after opening (store in lens solution).

Makeup Base


Spray to spray on the area to be made up to fix the make-up to the base.

50 ml

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Fake zip scar


Apply with latex and fake blood to give the look of the photo.

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Blood Shot

€19.90 €14.90

Paire de lentilles blanches tâchées de sang, sans correction, pour avoir le "regard qui tue". Ideal for Halloween!

Valable 3 months après overture (a conserver dans une solution pour lentilles).

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UV Fancy Lenses Orange


Pack of 2 lenses, without correction. Ideal for your costume parties or for Halloween.

Valid for 12 months after opening (store in lens solution).

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