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Fixative Spray

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Protects makeup of abrasion and light humidity.

The soft fixing spray for the skin of Eulenspiegel Manufaktur helps makeup stay longer on the skin and is protected from abrasion and light humidity.

Two sizes: small (50ml) and large (150ml).

Latex remover


The Mastix löser latex remover allows to perfect the cleaning of the latex parts or of the skin.

50 ml

Aqua makeup 3,5 g

Aqua makeup 3,5 g


Professional makeup

Professional brilliant aqua makeup colors on a water soluble basis in a resealable container. Made in Germany! Superior quality! Responsible manufacturing!

Application: Dissolve with a brush or damp sponge and apply. For coverage results, dab with the sponge and for transparent applications, hatch color with the sponge. Easy to remove with soap and water.

Capacity: 3.5 ml or about 10 masks

Premium Make-Up: Stain resistant, dries quickly and removes easily with soap and water. Vegan, gluten-free and without nut oils.

Black lipstick Black lipstick

Black lipstick


Stand out with this black lipstick that will perfectly complement your frenzied look on Halloween!

6 mL tube

Makeup Base


Spray to spray on the area to be made up to fix the make-up to the base.

50 ml

Clown makeup palette


Clown makeup palette, seven couelrus: white, black, red, yellow, purple, marine blue and green. It's ideal.

Make-up Kit Terrible Clown


Perfect for stepping into the shoes of the famous Pennywise character, this makeup kit includes transfer mouth tattoo, white water-based face makeup, black pencil, red pencil, and sponge.

Black tooth enamel


This black tooth polish will allow you to blacken one or more teeth to give the impression that they are missing or to use in small touches to give the impression of a completely horrible teeth! Ideal for Halloween.

Container : 8 ml.

Hair chalk


Chalk to color the hair strand by strand.

Guaranteed effect!

Palette Metal - 6 couleurs


Eulenspiegel metal palettes are a handy compilation of the most important makeup colors in a convenient metal box to carry. Ideal for carnival.

Contents: 5x profi-aqua 5g (black, white, yellow, royal blue, green, red) + 1x silver glitter 2g + 1 brush.

Modeling wax


Modeling wax for 3D special effects in cinema and cinema quality (20 ml)

Composed of harder grade wax to create 3D effects such as wounds, scars and nasal bumps etc. as well as smooth transitions in latex parts.

Transparent modeling wax in resealable 20 ml jar

Fake zip scar

Fake zip scar


Apply with latex and fake blood to give the look of the photo.

Face Painting Palette


Complete your costume with this makeup palette for the face and body, with a fat base.

  • Includes an applicator
  • 7 colors: red, blue, yellow, green, white, purple and black.

Ideal for any party like Carnival or Halloween!

Red lipstick


Stand out with this lipstick that will perfectly complement your frenzied look on Halloween!

6 mL tube

Aqua makeup 30 g


30 g

Sufficient for around 50 make-ups or a body and a half

Water soluble

Perfect for carnival, theme parties or other events

This unique stunning color with 30g content in the water based color not only looks fantastic on the face, it also lasts really well and you can conjure up the most beautiful masks with it. This strong single color is enough for about 50 faces.

Unlike fat based makeup colors, makeup is much gentler on the skin. Professional makeup paints contain no fragrance or gluten.