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Make-up Kit Terrible Clown


Perfect for stepping into the shoes of the famous Pennywise character, this makeup kit includes transfer mouth tattoo, white water-based face makeup, black pencil, red pencil, and sponge.

Black lipstick Black lipstick

Black lipstick


Stand out with this black lipstick that will perfectly complement your frenzied look on Halloween!

6 mL tube

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Vampire dentures


The dentures adapts to your mouth thanks to a thermoplastic paste!

Polystyrene dentures and dental thermoplastic paste

Instructions for use can be found on the back of the product.

Can be used many times!

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Metal Makeup Palette - 12...

Metal Makeup Palette - 12 colors


Eulenspiegel metal palettes are a handy compilation of the most important makeup colors in a convenient metal box to carry. Ideal for carnival.

Contents: 10 x 3,5 ml colors: white, black, yellow, pink, light red, pearl orange, emerald green, violet, sky blue, brown; 1 x 2g Glitter silver, 1 x 2g Glitter gold and 2 brushes.

Makeup brush set


Set of 3 makeup brushes of different sizes, for face or body painting.

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Fake zip scar


Apply with latex and fake blood to give the look of the photo.

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Clown makeup palette


Clown makeup palette, seven couelrus: white, black, red, yellow, purple, marine blue and green. It's ideal.

Latex pentagram Latex pentagram

Latex pentagram


Color latex piece with engraved pentagram and glue for makeup included.

Face Painting Palette


Complete your costume with this makeup palette for the face and body, with a fat base.

  • Includes an applicator
  • 7 colors: red, blue, yellow, green, white, purple and black.

Ideal for any party like Carnival or Halloween!

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Witch blood


Fake blood of green color

20 ml

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Latex remover


The Mastix löser latex remover allows to perfect the cleaning of the latex parts or of the skin.

50 ml

Red lipstick


Stand out with this lipstick that will perfectly complement your frenzied look on Halloween!

6 mL tube

Hair Spray Hair Spray Hair Spray

Hair Spray


Hair spray bomb

Easily removed with shampoo

Different colors

125 ml

Aqua Face Paint


Water-based makeup palette with 4 colors: white, red, black, orange and a brush.